Brazilian GDP slows down, but consumption remains high

The GDP (Gross Domestic Product), sum of goods and services generated by the economy, grew 0.8% in the second quarter, showing 1.2% before the downturn of the previous quarter. Consumer spending, driven by higher employment and income, grew by 1%. According to figures released by the IBGE, the loss of rhythm was more concentrated in the industry, which suffer the effects of the strong real. Imports registered an increase of only 0.2%

Taxa Acumulada nos últimos quatro trimentres
Agropecuária Indústria Serviços
3o trimestre – 2010 5,9 10,2 5,7
4o trimestre – 2010 6,5 10,1 5,4
1o trimestre – 2011 5,8 7,4 4,9
2o trimestre – 2011 2,6 4,4 4,2
FONTE: IBGE, Departamento de Contas Nacionais – DECNA.