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What I am doing: Besides running a privately hold real estate business I am blogging om MasterClass Brazil was set up to provide a one-stop source of deep-knowledge for the growing foreign business community in Brazil. Why: Having been in Brazil for around 20 years, I have seen many big companies, expats and individuals failing miserably. I have burned myself once in Brazil, setting up ProgressOil, a company focused on the supply of Brazilian castor oil. I am now running a privately hold real estate business in Brazil. From all these experiences I have learned a lot. Despite the fact that I speak the language reasonable well, have a strong network and understand the do's and don'ts better, I am absolutely not saying I am an expert or specialist. Everyday I am learning new things and I believe Brazil is changing in such a rapid pace that the only way to survive in Brazil is to generously absorb and understand the information available to you. From my experience I have learned that there is a lot of information, facts and data about Brazil. I have set up MasterClassBrazil to structure this information so you can turn it in true knowledge, enabling you to be successful in your endeavors. There is nothing in the world so rewarding as sharing expertise and knowledge. Richard Meijer

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BBB – Business in Brazil Blog: Guides to doing business in Brazil

BBB – Business in Brazil Blog: Guides to doing business in Brazil.


  • US Country Commercial Guide for Brazil 2011  – This website has a collection of published reports designed to help US companies understand the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Brazil.
  • Doing Business 2010, Brazil – PDF file published by the World Bank that gives details of doing business in Brazil and rankings compared to other countries.
  • Doing Business in Brazil – Prepared by the legal writer, Elísio de Souza, this guide provides an overview of the early legal issues foreign investors face upon market-entry in Brazil.
  • Guide to Doing Business in Brazil – PDF file from Pinheiro Neto Advogados that presents a comprehensive guide to the legal norms ruling foreign investments and corporate activity in the country, and is an important support for foreign businesspeople willing to invest in Brazil.
  • Doing Business in Brazil – PDF file published by UHY Moreira – Auditores in Porto Alegre. This detailed report provides key issues and information for investors considering business operations in Brazil.

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