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IPVA (motor tax, Imposto sobre a Propriedade de Veículos Automotores)

Fusca © by Leonardo Rech

IPVA is a motor tax applied to the possession of motorized vehicles. IPVA is a state tax and must be paid by anyone who owns a motorized vehicle. The tax is due annually from the 1st January of each fiscal year. The basis for calculating the tax, when it comes to used car, is the current value of the motor vehicle, considering the market prices and those published in specialized publications.

Rate: From 2% to 5%, depending on the state you are living in.



WARNING: Recommendations selling your car:

a) Transfer of the vehicle must be signed and notarized; 
b) Avoid going blank transfer to third parties; 
c) keep at least 2 (two) copies of the transfer; 
d) Report to the Detran, the sale the vehicle, carrying a certified copy of the document transferência.Cumprido these requirements, the seller of the vehicle will be relieved of joint liability in the future, where the acquirer does not effectively transfers the vehicle with the Detran.[/notice]