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II Import tax

II (Import tax; Imposto de importação)

The Import Tax (II) is a federal tax and has protection purposes. The Import Tax rate varies according to the country of origin of the goods and to the classification of the product (according to the custom tariff used).  Brazil use a system called “Mercosur Common Nomenclature” (NCM) to classify import duty and taxation on products imported to the country.

The formula to calculate the II is:

 II = II rate (%) x Customs Value (Valor Aduaneiro )

Valor Aduaneiro = goods value + international freight + insurance value

You want to import castor oil from The Netherlands, Rotterdam to Brazil, Sao paulo. TotalF.O.B. Rotterdam value of US$100.000. Castor oil is classified as the NCM 15.15.3000.


FOB Rotterdam in                       US$ 100.000

FOB Rotterdam in                       R$ 183.000

Freight in                                        R$ 7.000

Insurance (0,575%)                   R$ 1.092

Handling costs                              R$ 7.900

CIF Sao Paulo                                R$ 191.092

The following taxes will be charged:


Código NCM 1515.30.00
Taxa de Câmbio do Dia 11/10/2011 R$ 1,0000
Valor Aduaneiro Convertido R$191.092,00
Alíquota II (%) Tributo II R$ 57.327,60
Alíquota IPI (%) Tributo IPI R$ 0,00
Alíquota PIS (%) Tributo PIS R$ 4.465,88
Alíquota COFINS (%) Tributo COFINS R$ 20.570,09
As alíquotas podem ser preenchidas manualmente e os tributos recalculado


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