Apr 13

“Brazilians are ruining FACEBOOK …”

"CNN says that Mark is saddened by the behavior of Brazilian Facebook"

“CNN says that Mark is saddened by the behavior of the Brazilian at Facebook”

The news channel CNN said that the behavior of the Brazilians on the social network site Facebook is saddening Mark Zuckerberg. “On the one hand, Brazilians are growing Facebook, however they ruin everything,” he said.

Facebook engineers were considering allowing the inclusion of images in the format animated GIF-pictures (moving images), but Mark refused the idea because he has seen the behaviour of Brazilians at the social network site Orkut, which is loaded wioth animated gif’s.

According to Mark, if Facebook make room for the gifs, sharing among users will be equal to the Brazilian Orkut, full of colorful moving letters, loaded with messages of affection and love.


Closing Facebook in Brazil

On the possibility of closing the Facebook in Brazil, Mark drops . “I will not blame the Brazilians use the network, but will create a manual of behavior.”

When asked about Facebook is turning into a Orkut in Brazil, Mark said that there is no difference between social networks, the difference is Who uses. “Any service that has the Internet users in Brazil, in large proportions, it becomes a problem,” he said.



Source: G17.com.br

Note of the editor: This article has been published in Portuguese on the site G17.com.br. So, please don’t take this serious. It has been republished by many serious news websites in Brazil. However, for those of you intending to do business and want to learn about the culture you might be interested to read the various comments been made by the readers.



  • Hey Richard thanks for the great website, with important information about Brazil.

  • jose

    I still don’t understand, what exactly did Brazilians do to ruin Facebook?!

  • Babi

    I’m Brazilian, and its not this way …. Really, hes worried about WHAT? Cause, there isnt problem. here ….

  • Pedro

    g17.com is a comedy site. Check your sources

  • Yoshen

    I think that he´s ruining his enterprise in Brazil. Everybody already knows he hates brazilians (probably one of the largest market for this shit that came from america).

  • Logan

    Patience… Brazilians are cool peoples.

  • Guilherme Ribas

    Galera, essa notícia é falsa. Custa muito ler todo o texto??? Atentem para a caixa verde logo abaixo. Tem gente que gosta de ser ignorante.
    Fake news, please read the green box.

  • Roberta Santos

    Bem, não faz falta para mim facebook. Seria interessante se todos os brasileiros resolvessem sair do facebook. Seria ineteressante ver até onde eles iriam sem os brasileiros no facebook.

  • Fernanda

    I agree I’m BraZilian And yes we are ruining Facebook, not all of us, but most. This chain message, share the Saint and wait for a surprise, share the tree and you will be rich, all kinds of crap. It’s embarrassing I have friends that are not Brazilians and they NEVER share those things! It’s not interesting and it is stupid! Visual pollution in facebook!


    unfortunately is true what Zuckerberg says, i did open a facebook account and in couple weeks i did have to shutdown because is terrible the pictures posted on facebook by the Brazilians.
    murdered people Pictures . I really got shocked for sure. even i do not pretend to visit Brazil for wile . the Violence got worse in every city of the federation .
    Brasil today kills more than in the war front.

    please if you have plans to visit brazil. WATCH OUT !!!!