At Work in Brazil: No Point Complaining About the Government’s Red Tape – Expat – WSJ

il: No Point Complaining About the Government’s Red Tape BRASILIA — The woman sitting next to me in the airplane heading to Brasilia from Salvador was a Brazilian executive planning to set up shop in the U.S. She said she was fed up with Brazil’s difficult business environment. I mentioned that my experience working in …

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Solar equipment suppliers postpone investments awaiting tax incentives

Postponements The growth potential of solar energy in Brazil already attracts equipment manufacturers and eight months after the first successful auction in the segment, four companies have already committed to the installation of solar-power plants in the country. But the government’s delay in approving tax incentives for the industry has led to the reduction or …

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Brazil to attract companies to invest in solar energy at Intersolar Europe

Intersolar Messe

Matchmaking at Intersolar Europe Brazil is looking for companies that can strengthen the industry supply chain of solar energy in the country. In this sense, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) promotes an event at Intersolar, in partnership with the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (Absolar), aiming to bring information to entrepreneurs about …

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Brazil Senate passes bill to increase import taxes

Taxes on a range of imported products would be increased in hopes of boosting revenues by $337 million next year By Ben Tavener SAO PAULO – The Senate here passed a bill Thursday that, if made law, will increase taxes on a range of imported products. Everything from beer to perfumes will require higher taxes, …

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Management the Brazilian way!

The Brazilian samba school: Delivering high performance with happiness! Many foreign corporations dealing with Brazilians complain about low productivity, poor communication, high turnover and lack of engagement. Yet, at samba schools, Brazilian members show the opposite, and for no pay too! Online course This is an online course in English addressed to business people who …

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Foreigners who came to Brazil in boom times flee the bust

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — When Frenchman Gwenel Lecourieux was gearing up to move to Brazil, the country with its swelling upper class and world-renowned hunger for luxury goods seemed like the perfect place to set up his… Source: Foreigners who came to Brazil in boom times flee the bust

Solar Market Suffering in Brazil

Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI) Brazil

The Brazilian real has declined 17 percent since Oct. 31, when more than a gigawatt of solar farms won contracts in the country’s first-ever national solar auction and with the slumping currency driving up import prices, developers are holding off on signing supply deals for PV panels. Manufac Source: Solar Market Suffering in Brazil

How Brazil loses the battle for international talent

As emerging powers like China are seeking to strengthen innovation-driven growth and focus on the production of value-added goods, they are increasingly trying to emulate the United States’ unique capacity to attract foreign talent. Indeed, the competition for high-end talent is set to become a major international battleground as nations around the world try to …

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Brazilian Agriculture at the Start of 2015

Mapa alegórico dos produtos agrícolas brasileiros.

  Here is where things stand for Brazil’s major agricultural products at the start of the New Year Soybeans – a stubborn early drought eventually gave way to adequate rainfall, but too late to maintain the second crop window for some farmers. Conab (Brazilian national supply agency) surprised some by raising the soybean production forecast …

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Brazil court orders YouTube to remove video slandering businessmen

Another YouTube video not anymore available for Brazilian viewers

Brazilian justice orders removal of YouTube video The court in the Brazilian state Ceará ruled that Google Brazil removes a video on YouTube and refrain from placing again this  video on their site. The video shows the three businessmen robbing a store in a mall in Fortaleza. In the images, trio is accused of robbing a …

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