Brazilians paid 998 Billion of taxes to date…..

Tax-o-meter reaches $ 1 trillion today

Tax payment reaches the level a month earlier in 2011

You know how much you’ve paid in taxes, levies and contributions to the three branches of government – federal, state and local – in this year?

September 13, 2011

"Leao Imposto"

Today, September 13th 2011, the Brazilian tax agency collected a total of R$ 1 trillion

The total volume will reach $ 1 trillion at about 11am on Tuesday(13), according to the ACSP tax-o-meter ((Associação Comercial de São Paulo). In 2010, the mark was reached 35 days later, on Oct. 18.

With that money, you could build almost 48 million housing units of 40 square meters, about 82 millionclassrooms, one thousand kilometers of paved roads, almost 4.8 billion purchase of staple foods, building nearly 4 million licensed seats health or acquire around 400 000 flat screen televisions.

The Tax-o-meter was implemented in April 2005 as a result of the partnership with the Commercial Association of IBPT (Instituto Brasileiro de Planejamento Tributário). Anyone can follow the government’s tax revenues. Simply access the site.