Visa for foreign investors

Foreign investors may apply for a permanent visa in order to live and personally run their businesses in Brazil. The requirements are listed in this resolution of the Ministry of Labour and Employment

Permanent visas based on investment may be granted to applicants who will invest a minimum of R$ 150,000.00 in Brazil, which must be proved by a statement issued by the Brazilian Central Bank."Brazilian Visa"

Authorisation for this type of visa must be requested by the applicant, or his/her representative directly in Brazil by the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

The Consulate will only issue the visa once the Ministry of Labour and Employment authorizes the Consulate to do so.

After the Consulate is authorized to issue the permanent visa, the investor must present to the Consulate:

  • – Passport, valid for at least six months
  • – One recent 3 cm x 4 cm photograph, front view
  • – One visa application form. You have to disregard the error message about the website’s security certificate. Click at “Continue to this website (not recommended)”.The visa application form filled in online is valid for one month only. If you apply after that period, it will be necessary to fill in another form.

Fill in the form.
. Click “SEND” to receive your processing number and receipt.
. Print the receipt.
. Attach your photograph
. Sign the receipt.

  • Certificate of good behavior issued by the your local authorities within 90 days from delivery to the Consulate.
  • Birth certificate (international model)

Bring the duly completed and signed receipt, the original documentation, passport and payment.